Initially Heidi helped me to seeking clarity for my micro goals and held me accountable to these. After my first session I felt so much more positive and clear and the direction I was heading.   So much so that between my first and second sessions life changing decisions were made!

As we moved through the coaching sessions my goals shifted and every session Heidi helped me to focus my thoughts by asking pertinent questions and gently but firmly, ensuring accountability on my part!

Heidi gave me a number of tools to manage some of the pressures I encounter and I now have effective strategies for dealing with these.

Looking back at my sessions with Heidi has made me realise how much I had swimming around in my head before we started and how she has helped me to streamline my thinking processes and my techniques for dealing with things when I feel overwhelmed.

Throughout our sessions Heidi was always positive, robust in her approach and yet kind and utterly professional!

I will not hesitate to recommend Heidi to others or contact her again should I need more coaching.

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