I had come to Heidi when I found myself at my lowest, I had gone through a difficult redundancy process with my previous employer and was in the middle of applying, preparing for interviews. As a result of the redundancy process, I lost all the confidence in myself and my self-worth was at its lowest, I was seconding guessing all my decisions and this was having a huge impact in the way I approached my interviews. Having a session with Heidi was incredibly powerful. It’s amazing what positive energy and somebody telling you that you got this can do for one’s self confidence. Heidi not only put up the mirror in front of that once dynamic person that I believed myself to be, but also gave me strategies and tools to prepare for my interviews. After my sessions with Heidi,  I had 4 interviews lined up in one week, of which I received 3 offers!! To say that Heidi was my 11th hour calling is an understatement, you are THE key to my supermagical powers.

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