The three coaching sessions completed with Heidi were highly impactful to my leadership as a new Headteacher. The opportunity to discuss current practice and to reflect, scaffolded by highly skilled questionning, helped me to identify areas for development within my leadership and also to build the confidence to introduce new ways of thinking and new strategies. As a result my confidence as a leader has grown, buoyed in part by the reassurance gained through out professional dialogue, that what I am doing is ok and how I am feeling is valid. In addition, I feel equipped with a developed sence of clarity and agency, which has enabled my to alter my mindset, reduce the tendancy I have to spiral in to panic and overwhelm and also to trial new strategies to help manage stress and workload. As a result, I feel more in control and feel that this has positvely impacted my leadership within school. Finally, the sessions helped me to identify when ‘push back’ is needed and when boundaires need to be reaffirmed, so I feel like more of an active participant in the process of leadership. This has been empowering and has helped me gain more perspective and balance and ultimately helped me to become a more impactful leader.

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