Heidi’s sessions were fantastic; they were both challenging and confidence-building, giving me the tools and skills to have greater insight into myself and help to tackle the situations I found myself facing in starting a new job as a manager. She foregrounded the importance of accountability and of breaking down the daunting into achievable steps; her teaching background was invaluable in helping us to work towards solving problems, but with Heidi instrumental in helping me to come to solutions and strategies myself.

Her fundamental focus on the importance of communication, in looking forward to manage potential issues before they become issues and in ‘taking employees with me’ have been mantras which have subsequently guided my work, and her sessions have helped me in my personal life too; her calm thoughtfulness and positivity are infectious, with her helping me to see the things that I am capable of. She has also helped me with delegation skills and empowering staff.

I would thoroughly recommend Heidi as a coach: she has a depth of experience in the professional world and this gives her the reflective insight to help her clients to gain their own. My own journey in leadership has been immeasurably accelerated by our sessions, and I know I will be using the tools she has helped me to gain for the rest of my professional life.

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