Challenging and confidence-building

Heidi’s sessions were fantastic; they were both challenging and confidence-building, giving me the tools and skills to have greater insight into myself and help to tackle the situations I found myself facing in starting a new job as a manager.

‘Really enjoyed learning about DISC and how to coach the different styles’ ‘Coaches aren’t there to provide the solutions, they are there to help the coachee solve their own solutions through great questioning skills’

‘Very helpful and very informative. It has given me a chance to learn more and reflect on the way I deal with conversations and the ways I will approach the role of being a mentor’. ‘The session was very informative and I learnt many, many new skills. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to the […]

‘Thankyou! I’ve taken away strategies of building resilience to support our most vulnerable. Also reflected on my own resilience’ Secondary school teacher  ‘Thank you. Lots of awareness and strategies to promote resilience in our students’.

She was very engaging and had a really good insight into the challenges I am facing. I felt like she listened and really understood, which was helpful and helped put me at ease.

Heidi was extremely easy to talk to and very encouraging – everything you want in a coach. She gave me practical support to adopt in my day to day practice to help overcome my concerns.

I feel I am much more confident now!

You are to changing them according to our specific needs or areas for development. I feel I am much more confident now! I’ve been really happy with all of our sessions and I can’t think of anything that would have made them better.

Focused and invaluable

The coaching sessions over the year have been focused and invaluable, allowing me to focus on my career development whilst giving me the opportunity to develop my vision, values, teamwork and overall effectiveness.