Streamline my thinking

Initially Heidi helped me to seeking clarity for my micro goals and held me accountable to these. After my first session I felt so much more positive and clear and the direction I was heading.   So much so that between my first and second sessions life changing decisions were made!

Challenging and confidence-building

Heidi’s sessions were fantastic; they were both challenging and confidence-building, giving me the tools and skills to have greater insight into myself and help to tackle the situations I found myself facing in starting a new job as a manager.

‘Really enjoyed learning about DISC and how to coach the different styles’ ‘Coaches aren’t there to provide the solutions, they are there to help the coachee solve their own solutions through great questioning skills’

‘Thankyou! I’ve taken away strategies of building resilience to support our most vulnerable. Also reflected on my own resilience’ Secondary school teacher  ‘Thank you. Lots of awareness and strategies to promote resilience in our students’.

Developed further ideas

Really helpful session. Heidi was extremely easy to talk to openly which facilitated the session and sharing of ideas.  This session helped foster the ideas I had already started to formulate. 

Extremely Helpful

Helped me to seek clarity and commitment

I completed a coaching session with Heidi when I was at a point in my work and personal life where I needed some support and guidance to identify my goals and work out a path to achieving them. 

I found myself at my lowest

I had come to Heidi when I found myself at my lowest, I had gone through a difficult redundancy process with my previous employer and was in the middle of applying, preparing for interviews.

A revolutionary force in my life

Heidi has been a revolutionary force in my life, I came to her at a time when I was deeply struggling with motivation and being pulled multiple directions. Even after the first session I the session the sense of direction that comes from her no nonsense approach to drawing out the important stuff in a […]

An invaluable support system

As my Coach, she has helped me to develop strategies to managing my anxiety so that I can overcome difficulties.