Personal Performance Coaching

Cherished, nurtured, possibly be given a few homemade treats

Do not work with this woman unless you are willing to be asked provocative questions, held to account regarding the goals you have set, challenged about your water consumption, probed about your life balance and encouraged to reflect upon progress towards your dreams. If you’re up for that, your life will positively expand. You will be cherished, nurtured, possibly be given a few homemade treats and have a Coach for keeps!

R. Henderson

‘Thankyou! I’ve taken away strategies of building resilience to support our most vulnerable. Also reflected on my own resilience’ Secondary school teacher 

‘Thank you. Lots of awareness and strategies to promote resilience in our students’.

‘Really enjoyed learning about DISC and how to coach the different styles’

‘Coaches aren’t there to provide the solutions, they are there to help the coachee solve their own solutions through great questioning skills’

Safe space allowed me to achieve a clarity

Heidi’s coaching style is one of open dialogue which creates an atmosphere of relaxation, without reservation or judgement. This safe space allowed me to achieve a clarity of thought enabling me to create a path to resolution. I am now showcasing positive performance at work and have been able to extrapolate these newly-acquired mechanisms, transferring them to my personal life. For anyone else who also feels elongated periods of uncertainty and a general lack of guidance, I strongly recommend seeking out Heidi’s coaching as a way to overcome these obstacles which have personally led me to a new mindset of positivity.

S. Villeneuve

An invaluable support system

Heidi’s approach is personal and has been an invaluable support system. As my Coach, she has helped me to develop strategies to managing my anxiety so that I can overcome difficulties. Her ability to create such a safe space has really propelled my recovery and changed my perspective of myself.

SB. Rose

I feel a whole lot better

I feel a whole lot better for the session! I completely trust you and really value your support.

S. Lowe

I found myself at my lowest

I had come to Heidi when I found myself at my lowest, I had gone through a difficult redundancy process with my previous employer and was in the middle of applying, preparing for interviews. As a result of the redundancy process, I lost all the confidence in myself and my self-worth was at its lowest, I was seconding guessing all my decisions and this was having a huge impact in the way I approached my interviews. Having a session with Heidi was incredibly powerful. It’s amazing what positive energy and somebody telling you that you got this can do for one’s self confidence. Heidi not only put up the mirror in front of that once dynamic person that I believed myself to be, but also gave me strategies and tools to prepare for my interviews. After my sessions with Heidi,  I had 4 interviews lined up in one week, of which I received 3 offers!! To say that Heidi was my 11th hour calling is an understatement, you are THE key to my supermagical powers.

T. Kavia

Challenging and confidence-building

Heidi’s sessions were fantastic; they were both challenging and confidence-building, giving me the tools and skills to have greater insight into myself and help to tackle the situations I found myself facing in starting a new job as a manager. She foregrounded the importance of accountability and of breaking down the daunting into achievable steps; her teaching background was invaluable in helping us to work towards solving problems, but with Heidi instrumental in helping me to come to solutions and strategies myself.

Her fundamental focus on the importance of communication, in looking forward to manage potential issues before they become issues and in ‘taking employees with me’ have been mantras which have subsequently guided my work, and her sessions have helped me in my personal life too; her calm thoughtfulness and positivity are infectious, with her helping me to see the things that I am capable of. She has also helped me with delegation skills and empowering staff.

I would thoroughly recommend Heidi as a coach: she has a depth of experience in the professional world and this gives her the reflective insight to help her clients to gain their own. My own journey in leadership has been immeasurably accelerated by our sessions, and I know I will be using the tools she has helped me to gain for the rest of my professional life.


Streamline my thinking

Initially Heidi helped me to seeking clarity for my micro goals and held me accountable to these. After my first session I felt so much more positive and clear and the direction I was heading.   So much so that between my first and second sessions life changing decisions were made!

As we moved through the coaching sessions my goals shifted and every session Heidi helped me to focus my thoughts by asking pertinent questions and gently but firmly, ensuring accountability on my part!

Heidi gave me a number of tools to manage some of the pressures I encounter and I now have effective strategies for dealing with these.

Looking back at my sessions with Heidi has made me realise how much I had swimming around in my head before we started and how she has helped me to streamline my thinking processes and my techniques for dealing with things when I feel overwhelmed.

Throughout our sessions Heidi was always positive, robust in her approach and yet kind and utterly professional!

I will not hesitate to recommend Heidi to others or contact her again should I need more coaching.

R. Greive

Helped me to seek clarity and commitment

I completed a coaching session with Heidi when I was at a point in my work and personal life where I needed some support and guidance to identify my goals and work out a path to achieving them.  Heidi helped me to seek clarity and commitment within one coaching session, which in turn lead to me making huge decisions in both my personal and working life.

R. Grieve

Developed further ideas

Really helpful session. Heidi was extremely easy to talk to openly which facilitated the session and sharing of ideas.  This session helped foster the ideas I had already started to formulate.   I have a few actions to take away and continue to reflect on the session which has developed further ideas. 

Extremely Helpful

The relationship we built was effortless

Heidi was so supportive and helped me to think more deeply about my goal and how and what steps I might take to achieve it. The relationship we built was effortless and one of trust and understanding

C. Nugent

A revolutionary force in my life

Heidi has been a revolutionary force in my life, I came to her at a time when I was deeply struggling with motivation and being pulled multiple directions. Even after the first session I the session the sense of direction that comes from her no nonsense approach to drawing out the important stuff in a positive and empowering way, was incredibly freeing. Since then she has been helping me build a toolkit to move forward in life finding positive goals and striding towards them, rather than getting caught up in the negatives. I have to admit before this I was a little sceptical about coaching but now I would highly recommend coaching with Heidi to anyone looking who needs help finding their direction or motivation.

Craig Norford

Why Choose Coaching?

A bit of coaching at the right time can make all the difference to how you choose to review and then live your life. I appreciate the frustrations that clients share and understand the effort that can be required to make changes. Whilst I resonate with all of the categories below, I acknowledge the uniqueness that each client brings. My experience with clients exemplifies that as they work towards effectively managing their lives, positive transformations happen which enable them to flourish.

What have you been suffering with at home, at work or in your relationships that is impacting upon your ability to thrive? Isn’t it time to make some positive changes?


Who isn’t experiencing some form of stress these days? Yes, we need the ‘right’ kind of stress to get us going but the other stuff? No! What’ it’s giving us: deteriorating relationships, headaches, weight changes, low mood, mood swings, poor performance at home/work, unhappiness and compromising our health. Are you ready to address the stress and gain a better life balance?


People’s anxiety has risen dramatically as a consequence of the pandemic. Social anxiety, feelings of a loss of control and lack of certainty of how to navigate through the disruption has resulted in a loss of confidence in its many manifestations. And it’s stopping people living their best lives! Time to make some positive changes?


Golly – the hardest job ever! As a working mum of 5 children, I totally understand the challenges of trying to make everyone happy and everything work successfully in both worlds.

The Workplace

How well are you coping with work? Happy and functioning well or feeling compromised about hybrid working, a woeful commute, office politics and wishing you were somewhere else? Time for some coaching to help you identify what you want and need from work and what your next steps of action will be?1

Strained Relationships

People can be our greatest joy and our greatest challenge…sometimes all in the space of a minute! We have been confined and restricted through lock-downs so it’s unsurprising that we are feeling the strain! We don’t feel heard, we’re misunderstood, we feel that nobody cares or has our back…it’s almost inevitable that communication breaks down and relationships become fraught. So before relationships become fragmented and permanently damaged, how about taking some time out to talk it through with me to see how you can make some changes for the better.

Imposter Syndrome

Feeling that you are not good enough? That everyone is wondering why you’re in the job/relationship that you have? Imposter Syndrome seems to be a symptom of high performing people…and it’s so common, so restricting and so exhausting! Time to take some action, to stop the negative chatter in your head and get on with being you?

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