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Image of Heidi Johnson Paul - Personal and Professional Coach
Heidi Johnson Paul

My name is Heidi Johnson Paul and I am a Personal and Corporate Executive Coach, working with individuals and teams at all levels. As a certified coach, I employ my 20+ years of leadership experience to untangle the overload of challenges, concerns and priorities that people face. Through coaching, my clients have achieved a raft of successes from confidence building and promotions to lifestyle improvements and improved wellbeing. 

Space are limited for this FREE coaching development opportunity.

Transitioning out of lockdown is giving us a lot to think about at home and at work. We are experiencing so many emotions: positive and negative. The impact of lockdown has affected us in different ways.
Many people are feeling worried, a loss of control and apprehension about the changes going on around them. The return to the workplace, more people coming into work, working alongside colleagues again and juggling home and work commitments is impacting on everyone.

How are you feeling? If you’d like to be feeling more self-assured as you transition back to
work, coaching may be just the support you need!

To help you to effectively support your wellbeing and manage your transition back to work, I can offer you Free, confidential coaching helping you to identify your transition goal and plan your staging posts to success3 free sessions on Zoom/face-to-face

If you have a sense of what you would like to achieve but are struggling to establish your

way forwards, I’d love to work with you.