Leadership Coaching

I feel I am much more confident now!

You are to changing them according to our specific needs or areas for development. I feel I am much more confident now! I’ve been really happy with all of our sessions and I can’t think of anything that would have made them better.

‘Really enjoyed learning about DISC and how to coach the different styles’

‘Coaches aren’t there to provide the solutions, they are there to help the coachee solve their own solutions through great questioning skills’

Fun, but purposeful and DIFFERENT

You have worked miracles!  Staff have been very tired this week and you managed to engage them all in the session!

The impact of the session was evident in the active discussions in groups about how we can implement the theory in practice.  In my group, staff really got into it!

The feedback showed that staff had a lot of action points that they can take back to their departments and into their classrooms.

I loved your booklets – they were fun, but purposeful and DIFFERENT.

J. Botha-Smith

‘Very helpful and very informative. It has given me a chance to learn more and reflect on the way I deal with conversations and the ways I will approach the role of being a mentor’.

‘The session was very informative and I learnt many, many new skills. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to the next session’.

Challenging and confidence-building

Heidi’s sessions were fantastic; they were both challenging and confidence-building, giving me the tools and skills to have greater insight into myself and help to tackle the situations I found myself facing in starting a new job as a manager. She foregrounded the importance of accountability and of breaking down the daunting into achievable steps; her teaching background was invaluable in helping us to work towards solving problems, but with Heidi instrumental in helping me to come to solutions and strategies myself.

Her fundamental focus on the importance of communication, in looking forward to manage potential issues before they become issues and in ‘taking employees with me’ have been mantras which have subsequently guided my work, and her sessions have helped me in my personal life too; her calm thoughtfulness and positivity are infectious, with her helping me to see the things that I am capable of. She has also helped me with delegation skills and empowering staff.

I would thoroughly recommend Heidi as a coach: she has a depth of experience in the professional world and this gives her the reflective insight to help her clients to gain their own. My own journey in leadership has been immeasurably accelerated by our sessions, and I know I will be using the tools she has helped me to gain for the rest of my professional life.


Heidi was invigorating, insightful and fun

Having recently been appointed to an Executive position, I found the sessions provided me with a confidential, dedicated space to reflect upon my performance.
Working with Heidi was invigorating, insightful and fun. She unquestionably held me to account for my actions, checked-in on my wellbeing and helped me to make the transformations that I identified. She was and is amazing!

Inspirational Coaching Skills

Inspirational Coaching Skills training from Heidi. Staff took away key messages and actions that they could use immediately – a real plus with any training. The impact is reflected in staff confidence to solve problems and through being enablers for each other.

S. Lowe

She was very engaging and had a really good insight into the challenges I am facing.  I felt like she listened and really understood, which was helpful and helped put me at ease.  She was very intuitive and helped me think about the challenges in different ways.  I found the session extremely useful.

Focused and invaluable

The coaching sessions over the year have been focused and invaluable, allowing me to focus on my career development whilst giving me the opportunity to develop my vision, values, teamwork and overall effectiveness.

‘Thankyou! I’ve taken away strategies of building resilience to support our most vulnerable. Also reflected on my own resilience’ Secondary school teacher 

‘Thank you. Lots of awareness and strategies to promote resilience in our students’.

Heidi was extremely easy to talk to and very encouraging – everything you want in a coach. She gave me practical support to adopt in my day to day practice to help overcome my concerns.

Why Leadership Coaching

  • Need to establish your vision as a new leader but not sure how? 
  • Challenges with aligning team behaviours to reflect best practice? 
  • Looking to lead with authenticity but need greater clarity on your values? 
  • Driven to improve performance and productivity in an enabling manner? 
  • Lack of clarity reflected in the quality of communication your people? 
  • Struggling to motivate staff and align them with the organisation’s mission? 
  • Want to make a cultural shift to improve productivity but are unsure how? 
  • Sensing that you’re skirting near burnout but unsure how to pull back?
  • Want to upskill yourself/team with a coaching skills approach?

Leadership Coaching can support you in your professional and personal life

With over 25 years of successful leadership and management running parallel to a busy family life, my passion is to support people to make a lasting different in their lives through a positive transformation.

So, what can Leadership Coaching do for you?

Leadership Coaching targets business and executive professionals who hold leadership positions in their companies or organisations. Tailored to fit the needs of the leader within their organisation, Leadership Coaching is a partnership between Client and Coach where the Coach clarifies the area to be addressed and works with the Client to bring this to fruition. A range of analysis tools may be employed to support the coaching process.

You may be surprised to know that Leadership Coaching also applies to wider situations, too. If you’re in the role of a parent/primary care giver: you’re a leader. Heading up a function: you’re a leader. Organising events for others: you’re a leader. Managing the family diary: you’re a leader. Leadership impacts on personal relationships, parenting skills, the transition into young adulthood alongside so many other aspects which allow us to effectively – or not – lead our lives. Leading can be so rewarding…and it can also be frustrating, exhausting, confusing, draining and terrifying amongst other things.

Leadership Coaching is experiential: the Coach works with the Client to explore how changes can be made and the Client tries these out in a managed way. Personality profiling tools such as DISC may be used to look at behavioural styles, whilst other tools related to strengths and areas to develop are employed to see how positive changes can be made. 

Leadership Coaching is an active style of people working together, looking to address the present circumstances for greater positive impact in the future.

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