Corporate & Executive Coaching

As I know from my experience of leading and managing people, the complexity of organisations and the people within is not to be underestimated. A company’s culture reflecting their values, beliefs, staff behaviours and expectations can have a significant empowering or disempowering impact on not only a company’s performance but increasingly important, the wellbeing of staff. Unhappy, ill-equipped and insufficiently professionally staff are unlikely to be contributing to a well-rounded flourishing business!

More on the coaching experience

Coaching employees to improve performance enhances individual skills and helps them better understand their role in the organisation. When employees know what to do and why they’re doing it, will perform better and be happier.


Corporate and Executive Coaching can be a 1-1, team or organisational focused goal reflecting aspects of leadership and/or management. Broadly, the focus is related to people or task. As both are inextricably linked, successful leaders and managers need to be skilled at enabling both dimensions to flourish.


Strategic and operational understanding is key so that leaders, managers and their staff teams have clarity on their roles and responsibilities. Overarching, is the ability for leaders and managers to be authentic, empathic and humble.


Corporate and Executive Coaching has many facets. These are some of the more common areas of Coaching for my clients:

  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Career Development
  • Culture Shifts
  • Identification and Implementation of Strategic Goals
  • Futures Thinking and Futures Planning
  • Setting the Vision
  • Developing Leaders
  • Effective Workload Management
  • Effective Stress Management
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Happiness in the Workplace