Supermagic Coaching

About me

I bring a bit of fun, humanity and a big dollop of positivity to every coaching session.

I work with leaders, teams and individuals supporting them to get to where they want to be by gaining clarity on their direction, adjusting their behaviours and tweaking their mindset. As a highly experienced and certified Coach with over 32 years in the education sector, including over 20 years as a Headteacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. My coaching speciality is working with leaders and teams at all stages and levels, as well as individuals looking to improve their personal lives. I have a proven track record of success, having worked with over 350 private and corporate clients in individual, team, and business settings. My expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including induction into new roles, managing challenging people, shifting workplace culture, loneliness, capacity building, anxiety, building teams, imposter syndrome, stress management, career development, change management, and attaining a healthy work-life balance. I pride myself on building effective coaching partnerships based on trust, empathy, and challenge. My clients have consistently seen improved performance as a result of our work together. I also believe in bringing joy to the coaching process, recognising that change can be challenging but by taking a holistic approach, we can achieve success together. As a professional working parent, I understand the unique challenges that come with balancing work and personal life. I believe that a Coach can play a crucial role in helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve their goals. I see coaching as a win-win partnership, where both the client and the Coach benefit from the process. I would be delighted to work with your organisation and help your leaders and teams reach their fullest potential.

A bit about me and why I love Coaching

I bring to my coaching 32 years of experience in the education sector; of which the latter 20+ years were as a Headteacher. My family background is also in teaching and is reflected in part through my style of working with others: service-driven, person-centred and solution-focused are all trademarks which I have taken into my coaching practise.


My key driver for becoming a coach was to enable people to thrive, develop and flourish. My experience has afforded me significant insight into issues faced by leaders, teams and individuals from both corporate and personal perspectives. Through establishing an effective coaching partnership of trust, empathy and challenge, I know that people can be empowered to find their ways forwards and achieve success. Through the coaching process, clients’ potential to maximise their own performance is unlocked – the ‘goal’ for both client and coach. I very much see coaching as a win-win partnership!

What do I do as a Coach?

which supports them in finding their best way forward. Coaching can bring to the surface many emotions and expose vulnerabilities so creating the opportunity for clients to speak openly, confidentially and without judgment is fundamental to how I work.


I bring to the coaching conversation my successful experience of leading and managing people which also provides me with a unique opportunity to support my clients through challenges which may include induction into new roles; managing challenging people; shifting the workplace culture; loneliness; capacity building; anxiety; building teams; imposter syndrome; stress management and with that, attaining an appropriate life balance. Empathy is key; as is challenging people’s self-perceptions when they’re ready to be politely nudged towards change!


Having established my own company in 2018, I work both inside and outside of the education sector coaching senior leaders, C-suite executives and delivering coaching skills training to staff. I enjoy all facets of my role as each bring their own uniqueness and an opportunity for me to build trust, rapport and engender an empathic approach with others. The positive impact made by coaching is evident and I am both proud and humbled to be part of my clients’ transformations.

Coaching Related Qualifications

MBA in International Leadership (IOE/UCL 2010); 

OLEVI Professional Leadership Coach (2019); Positive Psychology Coach (Level 2 & 3 2019); 

Mental Health First Aider (2020); Counselling (CPCAB Level 2 2020; 

CPCAB Level 3 2021); DISC Personality Profiling (2021); 

Stress Management (2021). 

Working towards diploma awards with The Coaching Academy (Personal Performance Coaching Diploma and Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma); 

Integrated Coach and Counsellor (CPCAB 2022). 

I have a DBS check.