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It’s All About You

Here at Supermagic Coaching, we’re all about being positive radiators and putting in the work. If you’re ready and willing to make changes, we’ve already off to a great start!

Why choose Coaching?

  • Perhaps you’re anxious about returning to work post the pandemic and unsure how to make that transition?
  • Maybe it’s a job promotion that you’re after but worrying that you’re not good enough?
  • Been asked to be Best Man/Woman at your friend’s special ceremony but frightened about speaking in public?
  • Maybe you need to boost your confidence to make some new friends at your child’s school
  • Feeling a bit lost as a consequence of a relationship that has changed?
  • Concerned to let go of those treasured items that you have gathered but know you must?

How Can Coaching Benefit YouWorkFamily

There are times in our lives when we would ALL benefit from a bit of Coaching. We have a pretty good idea of where we want to be but struggle with creating the pathway, let alone travelling along it!


The Supermagic Coach can help you! I will work with you to get some clarity on what you want to achieve as well as helping you to craft your stepping stones to your success.

Please don’t let your concerns and worries get you down when Supermagic Coaching can be your liberator to success!


Get in contact today for a Discovery Chat where I will happily talk to you about how we can work together on your transformation to where you want to be.

  • Regaining Control: From Overwhelmed to Whelmed
  • 360º Success: Successfully Juggling Home Life with your Professional Career
  • Effective Work Load Management: Keeping Your Head Above Water
  • Successful and Effective Time Management
  • Understanding Your Career Development: What Next?
  • Re-calibrating Your Life: Getting A Better Balance
  • Transitioning Successfully Back to Work eg post pandemic, maternity leave, absence
  • Confidence Building eg interviews, presentations, public speaking
  • Workplace Successes: Team Forming and Performing 
  • Developing Leadership skills in Self and Others
  • Establishing Better Habits eg lifestyle routines, boundary-setting
  • Challenging Your Imposter Syndrome
  • Change Management Transitions: Better Evolutions
  • Transitioning Into your Promotion
  • Heading Off Your Burn-Out
  • Better Management of Your Stress: From Stress to Success
  • Getting Happy: Live, Laugh, Love
  • Improving Your Bounce-Back Through Resilience Building
  • Clearing Out: Getting Rid of What No Longer Serves You
  • Being The Best Version of Yourself
  • How to Get Back on Track

What is a Coach?

A Coach provides a bespoke service to help get you where you want to be. Sometimes the pathway is crystal clear and we know how to navigate but at many other times we’re overwhelmed with priorities, decisions and ‘stuff’ that stops us from moving forward. We humans also have a knack of putting things off, burying our heads in the sand and doing an awful lot of hoping that everything will be OK in the end…whilst wearing down our friends, family and colleagues with our tales of woe and lack of positive, purposeful actions.

If you’re ready to go further forwards faster, you need a Coach.

You need Supermagic Coaching.

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What My Clients Say

‘I feel a whole lot better for the session! I completely trust you and really value your support’.

S. Davis

(S. Davies, Director of Education and Youth Engagement, Croydon)

Inspirational Coaching Skills training from Heidi. Staff took away key messages and actions that they could use immediately – a real plus with any training. The impact is reflected in staff confidence to solve problems and through being enablers for each other.

S. Lowe

Headteacher, Surbiton

‘Do not work with this woman unless you are willing to be asked provocative questions, held to account regarding the goals you have set, challenged about your water consumption, probed about your life balance and encouraged to reflect upon progress towards your dreams. If you’re up for that, your life will positively expand. You will be cherished, nurtured, possibly be given a few homemade treats and have a Coach for keeps!’

R. Henderson

Executive Director Children and Young People, Southampton City Council

Heidi was so supportive and helped me to think more deeply about my goal and how and what steps I might take to achieve it. The relationship we built was effortless and one of trust and understanding

C. Nugent

Grant Programme Manager, The Mercers’ Company

Heidi’s coaching style is one of open dialogue which creates an atmosphere of relaxation, without reservation or judgement. This safe space allowed me to achieve a clarity of thought enabling me to create a path to resolution. I am now showcasing positive performance at work and have been able to extrapolate these newly-acquired mechanisms, transferring them to my personal life. For anyone else who also feels elongated periods of uncertainty and a general lack of guidance, I strongly recommend seeking out Heidi’s coaching as a way to overcome these obstacles which have personally led me to a new mindset of positivity.

S. Villeneuve

Account Manager, Amazon

Heidi’s approach is personal and has been an invaluable support system. As my Coach, she has helped me to develop strategies to managing my anxiety so that I can overcome difficulties. Her ability to create such a safe space has really propelled my recovery and changed my perspective of myself.

SB. Rose

Freelance Journalist

Starting in October 2018, I had 10 coaching sessions with Heidi with the focus established on Careers Coaching. Each of the sessions held were extremely useful and provided me with a focus on what to do in order to achieve my overall goal of career development either within my job at the time, or through getting a new job. Heidi was so supportive and helped me to think more deeply about my goal and how and what steps I might take to achieve it. The relationship we built was effortless and one of trust and understanding. My specific goal was to have a new job by March 2019 which was quite a short amount of time but a good aim. My actual achievement was that I got a new job by July 2019! Without Heidi and the sessions we had, I know this wouldn’t have happened quite so soon.

Grants Programme Manager

A well-structured and practical programme in which I feel I’ve moved forward as a Coach. Thank you!

Seconday School Head of Department

It’s been such a rewarding process that has developed and challenged me as a professional and a person!

Secondary School Head of Department

Having recently been appointed to an Executive position, I found the sessions provided me with a confidential, dedicated space to reflect upon my performance. Working with Heidi was invigorating, insightful and fun. She unquestionably held me to account for my actions, checked-in on my wellbeing and helped me to make the transformations that I identified. She was and is amazing!

Executive Director of Children

The coaching sessions over the year have been focused and invaluable, allowing me to focus on my career development whilst giving me the opportunity to develop my vision, values, teamwork and overall effectiveness.

Assistant Headteacher, Secondary School

you are to changing them according to our specific needs or areas for development. I feel I am much more confident now! I've been really happy with all of our sessions and I can't think of anything that would have made them better.

Assistant headteacher, Primary School